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A Week Is Also Less To Plan Your Trip To Dubai!

Dubai airport is the main hub for all the layover flights to stop at. The Dubai terminals have a lot of places for tourists to spend time in a long stopover. There are lots of cafes, spas, and entertainment spots.

The most talked-about is Dubai terminal 3 if that is where you get to spend Dubai time for your flight layover. But, because getting a Dubai visit visa is not difficult, you can plan a Dubai visit for the short while that you are there.

A 24-Hour Relaxation Dubai Trip Is What You Need!

Some, flights have a 24-hour wait and it can get boring to spend time at the terminals. You can discover it on a shorter stop next time. So, do get yourself a Dubai visa when even if you only have a day. Summertime is a great time to be in the city. Dubai shopping festival is also a major summer event. You can grab a few things quickly at some great prices. Considering, summer is the cheapest time to visit Dubai. You will find it to be a very happening time.

The low tourist count also gives you a chance to get a room in any of the Dubai hotels at some amazing rates. The cheapest being the old Dubai area such as Deira. The rooms would be great, though everyone just wants to book a room at the Atlantis Hotel (one day for sure). But these rooms are also great.

Head to Any of the Malls in Dubai!

To avoid the summer heat and spend the little time you have on your hands you can head to the malls such as Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. These are the most common selections that most people make in a short time that they have.

At Dubai Mall, it is free of cost Dubai aquarium, then there is the walk at shopping avenue, eat at any of the 150 plus eateries that it has, and there is so much more. It is a city of its own that would have you occupied for a whole week if you don’t remember to rush for your flight. At Mall of the Emirates (MOE), you can whizz down the snow slopes at Ski Dubai. Go for shopping if you want and grab a bite to eat at any of the eateries that it has to offer.

You would be able to pass time and avoid the high Dubai temperature. You would also be able to get some great summer discount deals. Though you do want to check whether you can carry the items back or not, as to not overweigh your allowed baggage weight.

Discover The Old Dubai and Spend Your Time On the Beach!

If you do not want to spend time at the mall, you can also make your way to the Dubai beach. Though you want to let the sun settle first. Dubai is one of those rare cities, where the beach is a place to go to in winter. You can though make your way to the JBR Walk, shop and eat there and let the sun settle a little bit. After which you can swim your heart out and take part in the beach games. There are many water activities for you to be a part of. You can spend your day here and relax. You won’t even know how fast the time will go by.

Overall, You Would Be Ready for The Next Leg of Your Journey!

By spending a day in the city, you would be relaxed. The next leg of any of your journeys would not come crashing down on you. You will reach your destination feeling light and happy. The stopover was completely worth it.